I can help you with...

* Challenge the way you currently think about yourself, your limiting beliefs and what you are capable of

* Create healthy more balanced lifestyle habits and behaviours to get the results you want from life

* Sustainable healthy habits

* Improve the relationship you have with yourself, other, your health & food

* Learning to focus on what is important to you, your goals and beating procrastination

* Re-program your mindset and your life in order to reach success and live a happier meaningful life​

* Overcoming stress, depression & anxiety

* Health, wellness & nutrition advice, recipes & shopping lists

Ways to work with Mia...

Face to Face coaching: Having open and private communication sessions are at the heart of every coaching relationship. If you are in Sydney, face to face coaching can be more rewarding for the client as it more practical and personal.

International Skype Coaching: No matter where you are in the world and time differences, I am happy to organise a time that suits us both to coach you.

E-mail coaching: Mostly all of us lead very busy lives, sometimes a simple e-mail, with the right words, right ideas at the right time can make all the difference towards your journey of success. Have access to Mia 24/7 through e-mail coaching and get a response within 24hours.

Muhammad Saeed   28, Driver

I was referred to Mia from a close friend and I thought, I don’t know what a life coach is or does but I will give it a shot and I am so glad I did. She has helped me to gain confidence when I didn’t believe it was possible for me to have (due to my strict family upbringing and back ground and suffered from social anxiety). Mia developed a personalized program for me, in which she follows up and ensures I am doing my homework, holding me accountable. I love and admire her dedication and determination and say she is well worth the value for money if you are looking for results. Thank you for everything Mia.

I am glad to say that I started off as a client and have become great friends with Mia since. She is someone who is very dedicated to helping others and has helped me achieve my short and long time goals. We worked on my limiting beliefs that I didn't even realise I had and has given me the confidence to pursue what i want for my life. I want to say a huge thank you to Mia for your ongoing support and believing in me when I didn't believe in myself. She is an amazing person with a big heart and I highly recommend her to anyone who would like better habits in their life.

Deeksha Kay 26, HR Manager
Ryan Mastery 19, Butler. UK

I just wanted to thank you for everything. I feel so much more optimistic and confident that I will carry myself out of negative states of mind to a place where I can truly see my true potential and let go of my anxieties. Meeting a life coach, I was wary and a bit unsure in the beginning. You seemed to good to be true but it was everything that I had been searching for, for a long time and could never find a good one. Now I know that it was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. Because of you're encouragement and your perspective of my life and what I am capable of, I can see who I am in a totally new light, so thank you! I'm so excited for the future now! I know what I have to do, thanks to you changing my mindset, I'm moving town, changing my environment and making bold life changes in my future. I am finally free of my negative past. Thank you Mia!!

Working with Mia was an absolute joy. She is always available to answer any of your queries and I'm amazed just how much knowledge she has when it comes to helping others. She has helped me greatly in dealing with my limiting beliefs and I want to thank her from all my heart for all the time she took out just to make me a better person. She's dedicated, supportive and genuinely cares for people, always motivating and inspiring you. A big thank you to her. 

Vashnavi Gupta22, Student. India


My passion in life is striving to achieve personal excellence in my own life and my clients life. To be the best version of you possible in order to reach peak performance through self mastery. I would love the opportunity to provide you with the tools you need in order to live a life of excellence. 

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